I quit both my jobs and switched to a career I know nothing about.

Is this click bait?

Dear Lord, I wish it was. But no, the outlandish title is true. Some of you know what I do for a living, but many of you probably don’t. So I’ll start there.

Currently, I have 4 jobs. Yup, you heard me, 4. But don’t worry, I just gave my 2 weeks at 2 of them, and the 4th is the new one I just acquired. The one in the middle is my Online Training that will remain. It may have taken a back seat for a bit, but I have amazing things in the works for y’all on that. 😉

But ok, back to the jobs I’m leaving. When I moved to California over a year ago, I only did my online training for the first few months out here. I quickly realized that working from home in California with an inconsistent income was not the way to go. I ended up getting a hosting job at a nice restaurant in Laguna Beach by March of last year. I had no restaurant experience, but the GM (who just so happened to be Payton’s mom) needed a replacement, so I said what the heck? And took the job. This was before Payton & I were dating by the way. His mom just liked me & knew we were friends. The restaurant was about 30 minutes away from me in La Mirada, but sometimes it would take me an hour to get home, so that sucked. I used to work 5 days a week there, until fall, then we were all only working 2-3x a week. When that happened, I started to look for a second job.

With that, came my gym job. I normally trained at 24, but when Payton and I moved in together in Huntington Beach, I joined his gym at Crunch Fitness too. It was small, but never crowded and had everything I needed; I loved it. So I was like why not? Maybe I’ll give personal training in a gym a second chance (I had previously worked in an LA fitness and a Fitworks back in Ohio about 2 years ago). So I interviewed, got the job, and started working there this past December as well. Everything was going well, and I loved the other trainers there (Clint and Ryan, Hi!). It was super fun, but as most corporate gym trainers know, you don’t make a lot. Granted, this paid higher than any of the other training jobs I’ve had, but we are also in California, and not Ohio anymore.

Anyways, I gave it a good run with both of these jobs. My coworkers were all amazing, which was a blessing, because I know that isn’t always the case, especially when working multiple jobs. The people I work with always make the job that much better, and in turn, that much harder to leave.

I had originally only planned on replacing my restaurant job, and even got an interview at a Dry Bar on PCH that was actually supposed to be today. But, this past Friday, Payton surprised me and said he had gotten me a job! His Godfather owns a bar in HB, and was looking for new bartenders. Payton mentioned me, and he gave me the job on the spot! Now, at first, I was really excited, but then I got really nervous! On one hand, the bartenders at his bar make BANK, but on the other hand, I know absolutely nothing about bartending *a dilemma*. I decided I would take it, and put in my 2 weeks at the restaurant the next day. My boss, Payton’s mom, was happy for me though. Heck, she was the one who told me and Payton that Uncle Dennis was hiring…. But then the anxiety set in.

Ah yes, anxiety, my good friend. You see, after talking to my soon to be new boss, I found out that this was a full time position, and that I would have to decide very quickly if I wanted to work at the bar or the gym, but not both. So after calling my Dad like 6x and freaking out about what I was going to do, we came to a decision. No more gym, and hello bartending. I planned on waiting it out until I was done training at the bar to give my 2 weeks at the gym, but come Monday morning at our weekly meeting with the trainers, our manager dropped a bomb on us. That morning, THE MORNING I WAS GOING TO MENTION IT, our manager let us know that 2 of our other trainers had left us…WHAT?! Y’all, they stole my freaking idea, and now I’m the one that’s going to look like the asshole 😦 (1 was fired, and the other quit without giving 2 weeks…jerk). So, this meant that sooner than later, I basically needed to put in my 2 weeks ASAP if that’s what I was going to do. Other wise, my schedule was about to start filling up with the other trainers’ clients by the next day. So, I let my fellow coworkers/friends know what I was about to do to give them a heads up, and then I made a meeting with the manager. We have meetings CONSTANTLY so nothing was out of the ordinary. I let him know what was going on, and apologized for having the worst timing possible. Financially, it just made sense, and it had to be done now, before he started giving me clients that I would have to flip in a few weeks anyways. That wouldn’t be fair.

So, to sum everything up: in the span of 4 days, I got an interview, got a completely different job, canceled said interview, put my 2 weeks in at BOTH my jobs, and started training for a job I know nothing about. And let me tell you, it is equally as fun as it is stressful! My mind is a whirlwind of emotions right now. I am super excited for this new adventure, and to add to the 4 day trip on the Good Vibe Train, a friend and I have decided to team up for an awesome opportunity for anyone interested in getting into shape for spring! Fitness is still very much a large part of my life, I am still going to have my online business, I am still a bodybuilder, and I am still competing in 73 days! This new job has long shifts, but will actually free up a lot of my time to be able to focus a lot more on my online business and life in general. Working 2 jobs made my schedule very sporadic. I would have clients spread throughout the day and then the restaurant all weekends, so most days I’m literally only home for a few hours, unless I’m sleeping. Although I am very stressed out about the change and if I’ll be a good bartender or not, I am extremely excited about the opportunity, and learning a new craft.

Change is good.

Learning is fun.

Doing what’s best for you is ok.

Nothing is permanent.

There is always room for growth.

Cheers 😉

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  1. Hannah Murphy says:

    You’re going to crush itttt


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