How to Choose Your Perfect Competition Suit

This is one of the funnest parts! A time when you get to be creative and design your own suit to put together your whole look on stage! This is absolutely a big decision, because judges ARE looking at the whole package here; that means everything from your physique and tan, to your suit and hair. So choosing the best suit for your body is huge.

Things to consider when ordering your suit:


Make sure you give your suit makers at least 8 weeks to get your suit done and sent out to you. Ravishsands’ turn around time is 8 weeks for a fully customized suit, but they do have pre made quickships as well if you’re on a time crunch. It could be less time if your suit is only partially crystalized, or if you select the RUSH shipping, in which case they will try to put your suit ahead of others’ who’s shows may be later than yours.

What federation are you competing in?

Make sure you know the rules and guidelines on booby and booty coverage for the federation you will be competing under. Each federation is different. At the national level in the NPC, they prefer the pro cut (or micro cut as shown in the next section). This helps show off the glutes you worked so hard for. However, at some local shows, depending on the director of the competition, they will prefer you to have a little more coverage such as the Brazilian cut. I’ve shown up to a show before with a pro cut, and they had asked me and a handful of others to try to glue our suits to be as spread out as possible, so just be aware and maybe have a back up suit with you.

The Cut00

The Ultimate Cheeky Coverage is well, more cheeky, as well as having the butterfly look at the top of the bottoms. Again, just be aware of what kind of show you are competing in, but I will always recommend the micro, or pro cut for any national stage. I would also never recommend any more coverage than the Brazilian cut for the bikini division in the NPC.


Boobs: Are you a member of the IBTC or nah?

Ravish actually has an awesome option for those of us who don’t have big boobies. You can get a non sliding cup, and it works as a pushup bra! All suits come with removable padding as well. You can also request pillow stuffing, and they’ll send you some free with your order!


Another thing about boobs: If you have fake boobies, I normally suggest sizing down a bit for a little less coverage (since you won’t be using the padding either) because it ends up looking better this way.

How to measure for your suit


You will be asked to give your measurements when ordering a suit so that they can tailor it to your exact body. Jessie is also amazing at sizing it down for you a bit if you’re giving her current measurements and know you will be smaller when you receive the suit.


The color is super important! But don’t just rush into it and pick your favorite color because the suit has to compliment your overall look. This means that you need to take into account 3 things:

  1. Your complexion
  2. Your hair color
  3. The stage lights

Your complexion is obviously going to be much tanner than your normal skin, and most people will be the same shade because of the provided show tan. But the thing to take into account is the way you absorb the tan, and your actual ethnicity to be honest. If this is your first show, this may be tough to judge, but those who have used the tanning services before will be familiar on if they are a warm brown, or a softer tan after the applicaton. As far as ethnicity goes, I believe the only women who can pull of wearing yellow or orange are African American women who have that beautiful dark skin. The light color offsets really well with their skin tone, while if someone with a lighter skin tone wore them, their suit and tan would most likely be washed out by the stage lights.

For Hair Color:

Blondes & Silver Hair: Darker tones tend to look best to offset the light hair

Blues, Reds, Greens, and even Black look great!

Red head or Strawberry Blondes: Medium to Dark tones look best here as well.

Greens in particular look very nice, as well as dark reds, teals, or dark blues. If you have dark read hair, I might even try a gold suit.

Brunettes or Black hair: Lucky you! Honestly dark hair is the most versatile when it comes to suit color.

If you have dark hair you can get away with choosing a color from light— dark on the color spectrum. I personally love bright royal blue, dark reds, and purples for dark hair. (I’m going with purple this year!) But you could also get away with doing green, teal, gold, or even a bright baby blue or dark navy.


Regardless of hair color, you should avoid pale pinks, mint, or any pastel shades. (These will get washed out on stage immediately and not help you at all)

Equally, you should avoid wearing white, as it seems judges do not like seeing this color on stage. There used to be bad juju surrounding black as well with the judges, but I’ve found that it actually looks great on stage and many who have worn black have placed well.

Please try to stay away from neon colors. Neon green, neon pink, neon yellow…It’s not cute and looks trashy on stage. I’m just trying to help you. You want classy, not spring break.

And like we talked about above, unless you are African American or Native American, yellows and oranges are a no go.

CRYSTALS: What level of bling do you want?

You can get it as crystalized as you want, but the more crystals, the shinier it is on stage, and the shinier the better! You want to catch the judges’ attention the second you step into their line of sight (which is actually while you’re standing off to the side waiting to be called. At least one of those judges can see you back there, so straighten up!). [Below are different designs and crystal coverages all from RavishSands.]

113314  122f111


Another thing to consider when picking the design of your suit, is whether you will be using normal or AB crystals. Normal crystals shine their specific color and are solid, while AB (Aurora Borealis) crystals reflect multiple colors with the light. It all just depends on the look you want. Both are amazing under the stage lights.

Normal all over green vs. AB all over Black crystals


All of this leads us into our next topic:


The more crystals you want, obviously the more it will cost, especially if you want multiple colors as well. Always take this into account when designing your suit. Also make sure to ask questions and talk to your suit people! They will help you make your design come to life and get the most out of less crystals if that’s the route you want to take. Ravish uses real Swarovski crystals, but they also do “On a budget bling” as well! It’s basically similar looking crystals but for less money on your end!

you can also use my discount code CARAFIT on anything on the Ravish sands website as well!

Don’t forget your connectors!

There are options on single strand connectors, or dangle connectors, and they can come in Normal or AB stones as well (match them according to what you used on your suit). You honestly can’t go wrong with any single strand connectors, and I personally always go for this look because I have extremely long legs already, so I want to show them off. But I’ve heard that if you are on the shorter side that a simple dangle connector can help elongate your legs (below). All suits shown above have examples of single strand connectors.


Ok ok, I know you’re thinking, “Wow, this is a lot of shit just to make a suit…”

You’re gosh damn right it is! Design aint easy, and neither is stepping on stage in an ugly bikini! Things take time, but like I said, you can always choose from the quick ships if you see one you love there, or you can get the creative juices flowing and come up with your masterpiece! Ahhhh i want to make another suit right now!

Alright, the last thing to think about when choosing a suit is

Customer Service

I’m not about to tell you how other companies run their businesses because I honestly have no idea. I’ve only ever ordered from Ravishsands for every single one of my competition suits, and there’s a reason for that. Not only are their suits absolutely amazing quality, but the customer service is unmatched. I’ve sent them my suit to change connectors at 2 weeks out (just because I had worn the suit 3x and wanted a different look), and they rushed it no question and got it back to me within a week. I have also messaged Andrea 1000x on the live messenger on their site to help me choose which color suit I wanted to do last year. She even put different stones on swatches and sent me pictures so I could see them together! (Now they actually have the option for you to purchase a few swatches you’re interested in, with multiple different crystals on them to see which you like best) Anyways, she’s freaking awesome. And so is Jessie, and just the whole crew as a whole is amazing. Oh! I forgot that with 10 days before Team U, I had asked Jessie if she thought I should change the cut of my bottoms from Brazilian to micro before the show, and she told me to send them over immediately and she would get them back to me before the show. I am so annoying Jessie, I am so sorry, but I appreciate all you do and love youuuuu!

Keep in mind that everything (except that last bottom alteration) was all before I was sponsored, they literally just treat everyone like they are their own athletes. They go above and beyond to make sure your suit is perfect every time you step on stage. This is why I am so proud to work with them, and cannot wait to rock my new purple suit this year!!!

Click any of the RavishSands links above or this one [] to be sent to their site so you can start designing your own hand made suit! Feel free to ask me questions on what might look best on you!





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