Scratch everything I said about my new job…I got fired

LAWL. Yup. I did. [All of this happened a few weeks ago, I’m just now getting around to the write up of it all]

But first, if you’re lost and didn’t know I got a new job, refer back to my previous blog HERE

OK, so, here’s what happened:

I had been having a good time at work, learning everything and whatnot, and even brought in new customers because all my friends would come and see me and order drinks and play pool while I was training. Then one day as Payton and I were walking into the gym I got a NOVEL VIA TEXT from my boss basically saying that I was fired. To summarize his book (that could have easily been emailed or idk, said in person or even over the phone but whatever), he said that he spoke to the girls I had been training with (there are only 4 employees including me), and that they all agreed that “my heart wasn’t in it.” ??? He also said that he needs someone to be ready by April (the day was March 30), even though he told me he would give 2-4 weeks to train me. Also keep in mind that I had only had 12 hours of training at this moment, and they make my training schedule??? He also said I wasn’t making this job a priority, and that it was unprofessional to request days off when I hadn’t even had a real shift yet. Another side note, I QUIT BOTH MY JOBS FOR THIS POSITION because he made me, AND the lady I was training under TOLD ME to write out all the dates I needed off for my bodybuilding, which I had mentioned to my boss before I accepted the position, where he said it wouldn’t be an issue. BUT here’s my favorite part! In relation to the 4 weekends I asked off, he said, and I quote, “I though I made it perfectly clear that there should be no other businesses or outside hobbies.”  WHAT?! What if my hobbies included knitting sweaters and collecting bouncy balls? Am I not allowed to do anything other than bartend 4 days a week? LAWL!!! I literally laughed out loud at that part because he was being absolutely ridiculous and just grasping for straws at this point to find a reason to fire me.

I don’t know what their deal was, but I for one am ecstatic that I do not work for him or at that bar.

Now, some people may have reacted like oh my god! Now I’m unemployed and don’t have a job at all! I went from 4 jobs to none (1, I’ll always have my online training)! What am I going to do?!

Haha, yea that’s not me. I don’t know why, but honestly I’m such a chill person that I tend to not stress at all about really big things, and instead stress about things that are miniscule in the scheme of things. It’s fine. I’m fine. haha but really, for some reason, I was just super calm, laughed about it, responded with a little sarcasm and a “Thanks for the opportunity, I’ll be in to pick up my check this week.” And that was that.

And even though yes, I was unemployed, in prep, have rent to pay, bills, and super expensive competition stuff to pay for, I knew I was ok. I’m never one to stress about work stuff. There will always be something I can do, and I’m not one of those people who thinks their “too good” to work random minimum wage jobs, because you know what, I have no idea what I want to do as an actual forever career! I don’t AT ALL! And that’s ok! I like trying new things, I don’t mind working multiple jobs because I like schedules and making lists and mapping out my weeks and staying busy. Also, California is expensive, so you gotta do what ya gotta do sometimes. Also let me point out that I am extremely good at saving money, and budgeting for what I need to do, so I wasn’t worried about money when all this happened because I always have savings. But anyways, if you think you have to have it all figured out by x,y,z age or timeline, FUCK THAT! YOU make your own timeline, you’re young until your dead. You have so much time to figure it out. So just try things, work different avenues, start your own business, idk just do whatever you want! I promise you, not everyone you see with “entrepreneur” in their bios, is rolling in dough or have it all figured out. And not everyone you see working a 9-5 salary job does either! Do what YOU want!


This entire thing was an absolute blessing in disguise. Not only did I dodge a bullet working in an environment like that, BUT I immediately (like literally the next day) came up with a plan for the rest of the year Moving Forward. And I think once this plan came to mind, I knew that this was why I was so unbothered by the whole situation.

SO, I took my job back at the restaurant (my boss is awesome), and will work there until I leave for my show in June. I didn’t ask for my gym job back because tbh I didn’t want to work in the gym anyways. I’d much rather do online, and private training instead of being micromanaged in a corporate gym.

SO, when I leave for my show in June, I will be staying in Ohio for THE REST OF THE SUMMER! I am over the moon excited for this adventure and here’s the many reasons why:

  1. I’ll get to see Payton all the time (he plays for Lake Erie as an Independent Professional Baseball Player in Ohio), and travel with him for the rest of his season!
  2. I’ll also get to stay with my family in Cincinnati, where I can spend time with all of them for the whole summer and see my niece!
  3. All of my shows are in Dayton, Chicago, New Jersey, and Pittsburg, which are all driving distance from Ohio, and I would save a shit ton of money not buying flights every other week from LAX.
  4. I’ll get to spend my birthday, Payton’s birthday, and our anniversary together instead of being a part for 6 months!

The only shitty part is that Payton and I will both still be paying rent in California while we’re gone. Oooh well haha. It’s fine. But when we get back, our lease is up in Mid October, and we will be getting a bigger place somewhere we have yet to decide. Weeeee!

So there you have it! I’ll be in Ohio from May 31-September, Living my best life, with the people I love the most! Because a place is only as good as the people in it, and right now, Ohio is the place to be.

So don’t stress, just keep Moving Forward >>>



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