The time my boob job almost killed me…

Some of you who have been following me for awhile know this, but any new comers may be shocked by this title. Buckle up. I am not telling this story to scare anyone, or to deter anyone from getting their boobs done, this is just my personal experience.

On April 20, 2015, I had a Breast Augmentation (BA). It was my graduation gift to myself, and I was super excited to finally have some boobies! And then 2 weeks later, I woke up in excruciating pain with no boobs…

I went in to surgery normal, healthy, Caraline. Everything went well, and I went home afterwards. I had planned to go back to school 3 days later (BA turn around time to be up and on your feet is just a couple days, and I only had a few weeks of my senior year left, so everything was basically done), but that didn’t happen. I was not recovering at all, in fact, I was getting sicker by the minute. My mom took me to the doctor to get some blood work done, and a few days later my parents got a call at 6am saying I needed to get to the ER immediately. They rushed me to the hospital. The doctor told them that my kidneys were failing and were only at about 5% functioning. They said that going into surgery was a risk because I was already so sick, but that without it I may not make it through the night. So my parents decided, and I went into surgery to remove my implants, and flush my entire body with fluids.

So let me explain. I have barely any memory after going into the hospital for my ORIGINAL BA surgery, so everything was reiterated to me 2 weeks later when I was ready and coherent. APPARENTLY during my initial surgery, something or someone in the O.R. was not supposed to be in there, because my blood stream was directly infected with the strep virus. In doing so, this spread lightning fast throughout my body, putting me almost in complete renal failure within a week. Thus bringing us to the emergency 2nd surgery, in which the doctors said I may not have even made it through if it hadn’t  been for being in such good shape prior. And I’m not trying to be that person and be like “oooh fitness is life! no days off! blah!” but my health, and the fitness lifestyle that I lived could have very well saved my life that morning. And that’s when the switch was flipped. But we’ll get to that later.


Buuuuut back to the nonsense—Nothing was wrong with the implants, it was just safer to take them out so that they could basically do a clean sweep of my entire body. They had to scrape my muscle from the inside and flush out my system. I had two pumps inserted into each of my sides to drain any left over toxins out of my body. These made even lying on the hospital bed uncomfortable and painful. I had to have a catheter in as well, because for the first 3-4 days I couldn’t get out of bed at all. I had my blood drawn every few hours. They had to start taking blood from the tops of my hands because my arms were so bruised and they couldn’t find veins anymore. I became so weak, and lost about 16-17lbs in those 2 weeks. I couldn’t even sit up, stand up, or walk without help. But the pain didn’t stop there. About a week after I was home and recovering, we lost my Grandpa. This was a very hard time for my family, and the sight of my dad crying when he told me, was worse than any pain I had felt in the weeks prior. I originally did not want to walk at graduation (the next day), but decided that not only did I need this, but my family did too. We had been through a crazy scary month filled with pain, and we needed a light out of all this. I was exhausted, the ceremony was outside in the KY heat, and I popped a stitch and bled through my dress, but Gosh dangit, I did it.


After graduation,  I rehabbed myself back to health in my basement [The Maher Lair, some of you may have heard of it 😉 ], and my Mom and Dad helped me in any way they could. In my first weeks home, my mom gave me a bell that I would ring when I needed to pee, because I needed her help to get off the couch. This also worked for snacks haha. My dad gave me 1.2lb plates to use (yes these were heavy at the time), which I quickly traded in for 2.5lbs, LOOK OUT!

IMG_0738It took a long, and frustrating 2 months to even be able to raise my arms above my head, but I stuck to it. I was able to put back on a lot of my weight, my kidneys were back at 100%, and after the first 6 months my muscle memory was working in my favor, and I started to look like my old self again! Even better! I had then decided I was in a good place, and was going to start my first bikini prep. I had planned on prepping the summer after graduation, but obviously I took a slight detour. I did a short 12 week prep, and then a few weeks before the 1 year anniversary of that scary April day, I stepped on stage for the first time at The Natural Ohio. I took home 1st in Novice, 2nd in Open, as well as a new found passion for Dorito tans and stage lights. IMG_0239



I was hooked. I was proud of myself. I was in awe of what I had accomplished. I turned my setback into a comeback, and that’s how I decided I was going to live my life. From that day on, that’s exactly what I did. I stopped taking small things like mobility and independence for granted. I stopped entertaining things that no longer served me in a positive way (eventually…took me a second to learn that gem). I stopped making excuses and started taking risks. I started pushing myself to be better than I was. I started learning new things, and getting out of my comfort zone. I stopped stressing! My god! I used to care way too much about way too many people, and way too many things (typical emotional Cancer over here). And while I still care about my people, and feel all the feelings quite often, my level of fucks given about most anything “negative,” “mean,” or “bad” is the lowest it’s been in years. Heck. sometimes I wish I cared MORE about some of the things that happen to me (exhibit A: my last blog, along with a laundry list of life experiences that would make a great book some day *hmm*), but I’ve just come into my own, and I realize that none of this matters! What matters in life is what YOU DO, not what happens to you. It’s about the people who return the love you put out, not the ones who don’t. Life is about experiences. The good, the bad, the messy, and all else in between. Life is about spinning negative situations in a positive way. And then maybe, JUST maybe, someone will see that spin you spun- that sunshine you spread- and they’ll think, “Hey, they handled that so well, what’s their secret?” And I’ll tell them. Faith.

Not Faith, like faith in God. While I am a huge believer in Him, pray OFTEN, and thank Him for my life everyday, I am not talking about the Almighty in this situation. I’m talking about YOU. Your faith in yourself is of utmost importance. If you can’t count on yourself in tough times, then what is u doin? I’m not saying you have to go through life like its you against the world and you have to solve all your own problems with zero help… I’m saying you should be able to rely on yourself to get you to where you need to be, and surround yourself with the right people who CAN help you to start fixing or moving on from the issue at hand. Your confidence needs to be on Kanye Level. Forever. Like I said once upon a time, You are the shit. You can make it through anything and everything that this life can throw your way, and in fact, you already have so far! Know it. Live it. Crush it.


I love you guys for reading all this and baring with my rambles. I’m signing off now, but below are some answers to some questions you may have.

Did you get your boobs redone? Nope, in fact, they’re smaller now because of the muscle scraping.

Would you ever get them done again? I’ve definitely thought about it. I would just go through another surgeon obviously.

Who did you go through for your surgery? The Plastic Surgery Group in Ohio.

Did you try suing? Yes, we actually did try, but by the time the lawyer got back to us (6 months later) I was basically all healed and he said we wouldn’t really have a case…Seems fake, but ok. If any lawyers are reading this, and want to make me a millionaire, that’d be great.

Did they at least give you your money back? Nope. I went through CareCredit to pay for my boobs so that I could make payments instead of all at once. So I paid $4700 for a near death experience and no boobs. It’s fine. I’m fine.

How long did you wait after the second surgery to start rehabbing in the gym? Once I was able to be on my feet, I started just trying to lift my arms, walking around the house to get my legs mobile again, and trying to sit up straight. I would say it was only 2 weeks after that I was trying to be active again. But obviously very slow things.

Have anymore questions? Just ask!


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