Time to dig in: Physique + Macro Update

Alright y’all, I am currently 3 weeks out from the show I MUST requalify at to go to Junior Nationals 2 weeks later. [I do have a back up show the weekend before, but I’m going for the gold people]

We took another cut this past weekend, and dropped carbs from 110 to 90, and fats from 35 to 30. We will likely keep fats here, and moving forward, pull from carbs if we need to so that we can increase them going into the show.

So my current macros are P120 | C90 | F30 with 1-2 refeeds with +50 carbs a week.

Since being on these macros for a few days, I’ve hit 2 new lows of 142 & 141.2lbs back to back. My cardio is still the same [thank god], and 2 weeks ago I amped up my workouts with my Summer Challenge program [you create your own intensity].

My checkins with Adam have been more frequent [every few days], and as we dig in now, I will start to send him my foods and times I’m eating so that he can monitor even further how my body is reacting.

***Pro tip: get you a coach that cares as much as Adam. And if you’re ready, or just want a lifestyle trainer, email him at Adam@thedietdoc.com and tell him I sent you ;)***

Below are my 7 week out pictures next to my current, 3 week out photos.

4/14/18 – 144lbs   vs   5-9-18 – 141.2lbs


Apart from the obvious lighting differences in the photos, it’s actually amazing what just a 3lb difference can make in the body. I can really see my legs and glutes trying to lean out now, and my core slowly behind haha.

Also between these 4 weeks is an inch difference in my waist measurement, and a half inch difference in my hips. Shoulders and quads are coming down slightly as well.

This past week I hit 141.2-141.4 for 4 days in a row! I was really looking forward to seeing those 130s this coming week, but OF COURSE I started to gain weight again out of nowhere. Saturday I went up to 142, then Sunday morning woke up at 143, then this morning, I was 143.3. This is likely due to my sleep schedule getting altered when my work schedule changed this weekend, along with maybe some inconsistencies in labeling on a few “protein cookies” I was trying. I’m trying not to stress out about it, BUT YA GIRL IS FRUSTRATED!

I’ve been working my ass off for almost 22 weeks now in prep. My body has stubborn and slow to lean out and lose weight for about 15 of those weeks. Haha, I would have a good week where I would be trending down, then it would stall. And then stall. And then stall again. It’s just frustrating to see that 143 again after having been stuck at that weight for almost a month last month. Then seeing my low of 141.2 four times in a row, I was like YESSSSSS LETS GOOOOO 3 WEEKS OUT ITS FINALY HAPPENING.

Welp, it’s still happening, we’re just taking a little detour again. Taking a refeed today, hitting the gym, getting my cardio in, and trying to keep cool. I finally have an off day of work, so obviously I started it with more work… I sent out 3 new programs this morning, and am stalking some of our challenge girls to make sure they’re doing ok, and nooooow I can relax.

Ah, that was a nice 2 seconds. Now we go to the gym to put in the real work.

Lets go fam!

Also, if you didn’t see on my IG, Pescience just dropped new PROTEIN BARS! They are a super soft texture and unlike any bar I’ve had! I’m not a big protein bar person because I think they all taste like wax or dirt, but these are actually amazing! The texture is what sets it apart, and the flavors really explode! (white chocolate raspberry + chocolate peanut butter). Click HERE to get some! My code CARA will get you a whole box for only $17.99!


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