Snacks & Hacks: 2 WEEKS OUT UPDATE

I know I’ve posted a few blogs on the foods I eat during prep, but I’m a creature of habit, so I tend to eat a lot of the same things over and over again until I hate them. So sometimes my foods can change daily depending on what I’m feeling, or what I’m NOT feeling haha. I’ve definitely picked up a few hacks in my 3 years of bodybuilding, so this is where I’m going to share them with you.

Some are hacks, some are just snacks or meals with great macros, so here we go.

Snack: Rice Cakes

I fucking love rice cakes! Caramel are my favorite, but tomato basil is BOMB if you like savory flavors. Rice cakes are pretty common among bodybuilders because not only are they great with PB, but the macros are bomb as well! Caramel ones are only 11g of carbs, while the tomato basil are only 8. If you get the plain unsalted (not that great), their macros are even better. Plus rice cakes are super crunchy, so they are great to snack on, and they are quite filling as well.

Things you can put on rice cakes:

PB. duh

Any kind of spread

Tuna/Smoked salmon

Lunch Meat



Anything you want

Hack: Joseph’s Whole Wheat Lavash Bread 

These are large, rectangle, flat wrap things. I normally actually tear them in half when I use them. The macros for one whole wrap are P10 | C16 | F3 <– Bomb!

I have used them as actual wraps for sammiches, but my favorite way to eat them is as a pizza. I’ll put turkey pepperoni, mushrooms, pico, and ff cheese on it, then I’ll just pop it in the oven on broil and watch it crisp up! Also makes a great hot ham and cheese pizza!

Snack: Stryve Chicken Snacks

Stryve is a brand of jerky (found it at CVS), and they make amazing turkey and chicken jerky bites. The bites are thick cut jerky squares. My favorite flavors are the Hawaiian BBQ Chicken and the Mango Habanero Chicken. One serving is 1oz (a good handful of bites), and macros are P11 | C6 | F2.

Hack: Riced/Spiraled Veggies

You can buy these at any local grocery store. Green Giant and Bird’s Eye brands are my favorite and have the most variety. Riced veggies are just chopped up in small bits (the size of rice), and spiraled veggies are just cut to almost look like spaghetti.

Riced Cauliflower is the best macro wise, but you can also buy medley bags with cauliflower and sweet potato, or broccoli, or risotto. All the macros are similar but the average is P2 | C4 | F0 for 1 cup servings.

The spiraled veggies are more in the 8-11 carb range for 1 cup (normally butternut squash or carrot or zucchini).

Snack: Oikos Triple Zero Yogurt/Yoplait Greek 100

Yummy greek yogurt, high protein, zero fat. Easy enough.

Macros for all Oikos Triple Zero are P15 | C13 | F0

Macros for Yoplait Greek 100 range from P14-15 | C10-11 | F0

Tip: Put your yogurt in the freezer for about 15-25 minutes before you eat it. The texture is way better (frozen yogurt, hello), and pop in some fresh fruit if you want as well.

Hack: Spinach/mushrooms/pico de gallo

This may not seem like a hack, but listen up. If you’re in prep and are sick of eating plain chicken or tilapia or eggwhites, this is for you.

Make your chicken or fish like you normally do, or like me:

Thaw first. Then spray your frying pan with butter flavoring (or Pam). About 4 minutes on each side. I sprinkle garlic powder and paprika on both sides and it helps it crisp the outside a little.

As for the hack: Pick and choose, or add them all depending on your macros.

Throw some mushrooms in the pan to sauté, same for the spinach. Wait until the spinach is starting to wilt down (should only take 30-60 seconds) and then place it on top of your chicken or fish. SIMPLE! This adds some volume, flavor, and texture to your plain protein, with minimal carbs added (30g of mushrooms is only about 1-2 Carbs. 1 cup cooked spinach is around P5-6 | C4-6 | F0-0.5)

TIP: Splash a small amount of balsamic vinegar in the pan for extra flavor.

The pico can be added to whatever.

Snack: Bread!

My Top 3 favorite macro friendly breads:

  1. Signature Selects Sourdough Enriched Bread. 1 slice (26g) P3|C13|F0
  2. Nature’s Own Honey Wheat. 1 slice (26g) P3|C13|F1
  3. Nature’s Own Butter Bread. 1 slice (26g) P3|C12|F0.5

Alt. I’ve never tried this kind of bread before because I’ve never found it, but there is Sara Lee’s Whole Wheat 45 calorie bread. 1 slice (26g) P3|C7|F0.5

Hack: Spray butter!

Parkay and I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Spray is awesome! I’ll literally spray the shit out of whatever. It’s 0 calories! 0|0|0 Butter on veggies, on your bread, on popcorn, rice cakes, whatever!

Snack: Orville Redenbacher’s Smart Pop!

Popcorn yay! They come in 100 Calorie bags, which is still a lot of pop corn don’t worry. They have Butter or Kettle corn, but I love the kettle corn the best. Macros are P3|C23|F1.5 BUT if you read the fine print on the box, you’ll see that once its popped the carbs are actually only 19. Then you can proceed to spray your popcorn with your spray butter!

Hack: Sugar Free Jell-o

Y’all probably already knew that one, but I figured I’d still put it just in case. Sugar free jello cups are only 1 Carb per cup! Great for when you want something sweet!

I love to mix the matching flavor Jello with my greek yogurt. (Ex. Orange Jello with Peach or Orange Creamcycle yogurt)

Snack: Tuna Packets/Ahi tuna Steaks/Egg Whites

Need more protein but have zero carbs and fats left? These are your go tos. High protein, Zero Fat, No carbs.

Sunkist Tuna Pouch 74g. P17|C0|F0

Ahi Tuna Steak 3oz. P21|C0|F0.5

0.5 Cup of Eggwhites. P13.5|C0|F0

Hack: Fat Free Cool Hwhip

Put the tub in the freezer! When it’s frozen, it’s just like eating creamy marshmallow ice cream! For 50g it’s P0|C15|F0.

You can also use it unfrozen to dip fruit, put in smoothies, or on pancakes!

Snack: Lunch Meat

My Two Favorite Macro friendly lunch meats are: (ps: when I say macro friendly, I simply mean that these are better macros than others, or just decent in general)

Hillshire Farms Oven Roasted Turkey Breast (low sodium)- 4oz P20|C4|F1

Hillshire Farms Black Forest Ham- 4oz P20|C2|F3

Make a sammich, dip plain slices in mustard, rip it up and put it in eggs or salads, put it on a lavash pizza. etc.

Hack: Diet Pop/Sparkling Water

Again, nothing new here. Lots of people drink 0 calorie drinks to curb cravings (is it curb or curve?). These are great when you want something sweet, but don’t want to drink your calories.

I’m a big fan of diet root beer because, well, I freaking love root beer, and because I don’t ever really drink pop to begin with because my body doesn’t like caffeine (root beer is caffeine free). ICE Sparkling waters are my favorite water choice as well. I’ve tried a lot of different flavored waters and sparkling waters, but they all taste gross to me. When I found ICE a few years ago I was like YASSSSS! They taste great and are carbonated, so the bubbles are nice to mix things up from normal water (which I drink A LOT of).

Snack: Protein “Desserts”

Protein bars are a great on the go snack if you’re in a rush and don’t have time for a proper meal (protein bars are not meal replacements, they are snacks). I’m honestly not a huge fan of protein bars because they always end up tasting waxy and hard, but Pescience has come out with some pretty amazing textured protein bars recently and they are a god send! Chocolate Peanut Butter, and my favorite, White Chocolate Raspberry are your options (for now), and they’re actually so freaking good! [Code CARA for a discount]

As far as protein “desserts” I leave that to the experts because I don’t have time to concoct all these crazy protein packed foods myself. I stick to the basics and order protein brownies and Protein butterscotch cookies from my friend (email her and tell her I sent you if you want some!). Her company is called Eat Clean Sweets and she has a bunch of different options, but I stick to the simple ones because they’re honestly my favorite!

1 brownie P15|C10|F3

2 Cookies P15|C10|F2.5


Had my lowest weigh in post refeed 2 days ago at 140.4. I’m currently back at 141. Adam has me on a LOW day today, and may keep me here for a few days to deplete a tad so that we can increase into peak week next week….holy shit y’all. Next week is peak week!

Macros for my LOW day are P120|C70|F25 [LOW is in caps for a reason, do not attempt to follow my macros at any point ever. Thanky]

My cardio also got increased last week from 4x LISS @ 70 minutes to 5, and 3x HIIT @ 17 minutes to 4x @ 15 minutes. So some days I double up (usually my off days from work, because I have the most time). I’ve been calling my LISS days my shameless cardio sessions. I watch Shameless on Netflix during because the episodes are 45-60 minutes and are normally intense, so they keep my heart rate up as well haha.

Below are my 3 weeks out progress photos next to my 2 weeks out photos.

142lbs vs 140.4 lbs



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