On to the Next One: Peak Week #2

If you follow my Instagram @Carafit3, then you know how this weekend went. I placed third in my class, missing that national qualification spot by 1 place (only top 2 qualify). There were 5 amazing girls in our first call outs, and I was very happy with what I brought to the stage that day! It just wasn’t my show, and my tie ins disappeared in my tan some how.

I was excited about my 3rd place, but definitely bummed I missed the NQ. But, I didn’t let this discourage me in the slightest. Adam and I had talked about a back up show just in case, and when he brought it up at dinner, asking if I wanted to push for it, I said “Hell yea, I already sent in my entry to Michigan and paid for my tan!”

People kept commenting on my post telling me to keep my head held high, and to not be disappointed, and that third place is still good bla bla bla. I KNOW! AND I’M NOT! I’m lit AF! I’m ready to tackle these back to back peak weeks, and I’m ready to get back up there! I’m not one of those competitors who throws pity parties when I don’t win, or blame the judges if I don’t even place. You get what you get, and you keep moving forward. You should know when you bring your best, when you don’t, and when someone deserved it over you. This is the sport, so don’t get in the habit of pointing fingers when things don’t go as planned.

I am perfectly fine with that third place finish, and agree that it was a toss up between me and the 2nd place girl, but the girl in first 100% deserved that win. She looked amazing, as did everyone who showed up that day. This just gives me the opportunity to get some more hardware and get that NQ at another show! So lets gooooooooooo!

I had my post show doughnut from Graeters (my favorite doughnuts are from a Cincinnati ice cream place), a few pieces of flat bread, and ordered the salmon and kale dinner. I woke up holding A LOT of water this morning, and was 142.5 which is about 4lbs above stage weight. This should go down by Wednesday, but I’m still looking tight this morning, so nothing to fret about.

We are going to increase cardio and decrease carbs for the beginning of this week, but then start to taper back down on cardio, and back up for carbs by Wednesday. My fire is still lit and I’m not missing a beat.  I want this bad, and I know what I can handle. I’m just now hitting my stride y’all. I WILL requalify, and I WILL be back on that National stage this year. So sit back and watch me work.

Short blurb today, but nothing much else to say, other than lets kick this week’s ass, and bring Sassy Mermaid Caraline in even tighter for Michigan! (My purple mermaid suit went over VERY well with my overall look and my straight black hair, which was also the first time I’ve straightened my hair for a show by the way).

Thank you to everyone who reached out to me telling me good luck, and sending me good vibes post show as well! I’m feeling very loved, supported, and confident going into Peak Week #2.



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