3 peaks in a row…What we’re doing different this time around

Alrighty, heeeeeeeeere we go into Peak Week Numero Tres.

I posted about my first 2 peak weeks and how we were increasing carbs, and decreasing cardio throughout the week. My carbs were up to 180 in my first peak week, got up to 160 in the second, and this week we are looking at a little lower at 150 being the top number I hit. [We can always increase more depending on how my body is reacting]

But the main difference with this peak week is that we are not increasing throughout the week, but instead cutting back with 3 low carb days, and then going into 2 refeeds starting Thursday and Friday.

My body has trended down well when we’ve gone with this approach to get out of a plateau during this prep. And although I don’t have that National Qualification yet, Team Universe is our MAIN focus [otherwise there would be no reason for this show]. So we are planning on being able to reverse better into Team U if we stay low here, and treat this as a refeed week instead of a peak.

My macros for this week are as follows:


Monday: P125|C90|F30

Tuesday: P125|C90|25

Wednesday: P125|C90|30

Thursday: P125|C150|30

Friday: P125|C150|F30

Cardio decreased the same as the other peaks so that my body could recover and get more rest. So I started the week off with 15 minutes of HIIT + 60 minutes of SS, down to 50, then 30, then 20. Still keeping my lifts high intensity but relatively short. Get in, get a sick AF pump, get out. My lifts have been ranging from 30-50 minutes.

I’ve been stepping on stage at around 138.5 lbs (at 5’11”) the last two shows, and during peak week staying around 139.5 until one day out, when I’ve been dropping. This is just how my body has been trending, but this morning I woke up at 138.5 at 4 days out still. And although stage weight means absolutely nothing, I’d be pretty happy with a new low weigh inย going into what could [possibly] be my last show of the season.

These are progress pictures from 4 days out from each of my shows this season. (All one week apart)IMG_3252IMG_3253IMG_3254IMG_3255

Tiny changes, but ones that make a difference on stage. I’m ready to kick the rest of this week’s ass!! And if the stage gods bless me, the rest of this month’s ass into Team U!

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  1. You don’t have to tell me to not follow your macros, I don’t think I could eat that little if I tried! But great work! Good luck on your competition, you’re going to kill it! โค


    1. Obviously they’re low, I’ve been in prep for 26 weeks… the disclaimer is for people a little more naive than you. Thank you tho ๐Ÿ˜Š

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