Prep Favorites!

Alright y’all, this is just going to be a quick list of all of my favorite items, brands, and must haves for most of your prep needs. Feel free to comment below with any of your favorites, or anything that I may have missed!

  1. COMPETITION SUITS– Ravishsands 100%. Yes, I am sponsored, but there is a reason I’ve ONLY ever worn Ravish, and ONLY wanted to work with Ravish. Jessie, Drea, and the Ravish team are the most amazing humans, and have the absolute best customer service, and the most amazingly beautiful suits! They also have a lot of options that include renting a suit, trading yours in, crystalizing your own, and quickship pre made suits! You can also use my code CARAFIT for a discount!
  2. HEELS + JEWELRY– I love the Shoe Fairy for both of these things because similar to Ravish, the customer service is amazing. They also are the first company to have a competition specific heel with squishy soles for comfort, and to keep you from slipping forward into the heel! Something you cannot find anywhere else. They have hoops and chandeliers, in clear or AB crystals and are a one stop shop for all your jewelry needs.Code CARA grts you 10% off!
  3. TANNING COMPANY– There are a lot of tanning companies, and will always be a host tan at your shows. But not all tans are created equal. Some are too light, some are way too dark, some don’t have knowledgeable people spraying, etc. My two favorite companies that have always done an amazing job are Liquid Sun Rayz and Pro Tan. I have strayed away from the host tan at shows before and booked with either of these instead, and always have great results and even tans.
  4. STAGE MAKEUP– I’ve done my own makeup for 7/9 of my shows and have tried a few different foundations in the process to find the best one to match the tans involved and the harsh stage lighting.
  • Foundation- Maybelline FIT me Dewy & Smooth foundation. I use 315 Soft Honey
  • Setting Powder- Cover Girl professional loose powder. 120 Translucent Honey
  • Bronzer- Avon Glow. P202 Warm Glow
  • Blush- Clinique Soft Rose
  • Contour Pallet- Nyx (I actually have never used a contour pallet but this was recommended by my makeup artist friend.)
  • Highlight- Maybelline Master Chrome 100 Molten Gold. Or Ulta Beauty Fresh Glow
  • Setting Spray- Maybelline Master Fix
  • Lashes- Ardell Whispies or KISS Lash Couture
  • Brows- Ardell Brow Shadow
  • Eye Shadow- focus on glitter, smokey eyes
  • Eye Liner- Eyeko Skinny liquid Liner
  • Mascara- L’Oréal Voluminous
  • Lips- I’m a chapstick and pink gloss type of girl
  • Nails- I hate fake nails and never wear them. I either French tip my own, or get a manicure for like $25

5. COACH– My favorite coach is clearly MY coach, Adam. He is super hands on, tries to be at as many shows of his clients’ as possible, he is super attentive, and the smartest person I know. His approach is a very scientific iifym approach, and is super responsive. His peaking protocol is the best I’ve had in my 3 years, and he’s always available for a phone call if you need to be hyped up or motivated. Another plus is the community of having a team of people who are amazing!!! The See You Later Leaner team is such a blessing and I’ve met a lot of new friends because of this. ( Tell him I sent you)

6. SUPPLEMENTS– Brand wise, the only one I use and trust is PEScience (for obvious reasons). If it’s not obvious, other than being sponsored (code CARA), I had been taking their products for 2 years before I came on as an athlete. All of their products are top of the line, 3rd party tested, and scientifically backed. All of our flavors are AMAZING, and taste as they should. The main supplements I take during prep are:

  • Select Protein- [Frosted Chocolate Cupcake + PB Cookie]
  • Alphamine- Thermogenic Preworkout – [Appletini + Melon Berry ]
  • High Volume- Stim Free Pump Product – [Blue Frost + Melon Berry] (stacked with Alphamine)
  • Prolific- Cognitive Preworkout + Pump – [Mango Splash + Melon Berry]
  • GenoFlex- Joint Support
  • Shift- Leaning agent
  • Erase Pro+ – Hardening agent

7. EXERCISES– There are no secret exercises but these are my favorites.

  • Legs- Deadlifts, Lying Hamstring Curl, RDLs, Goblet Squats, Lunges
  • Shoulders- Lateral Raise, Single Arm DB Press, Neutral Press, Cable Raise
  • Arms- Hammer Curl, Single Arm Cable Curl, Rope Pushdown, Tricep Extension
  • Back- Deadlifts, Pendlay Rows, Single Arm DB Row, Straight Arm Lat Pushdown, Seating Neutral Grip Row
  • Glutes- Deadlifts, Glute Pull Throughs, RDLs, Lunges, Abductors

8. MEALS/SNACKS– I have a couple blogs with my favorite meals and prep snacks already, so here and here and here are those links. But my main shit is AHI + Yukon Potatoes, and Chicken Meatballs + Aunt Millies 35 Calorie Bread. I eat these two meals every single day.

9. MEAL PREP BAGS – I use my 6 Pack innovator 300 or the Titan as my back stage bag and they have room for 4 meals, your suit, heels, other snacks, band, and more! I have a code for 10% off as well (CARA).

10. POST SHOW RESTAURANTS- Y’all post show meal is like the light at the end of the tunnel; the calm after the storm; the promise land.

Here are my favorite spots to hit up post show, BUT if you’re in a new city, I highly recommend asking locals where to eat, and venture out from chains to see what that city has to offer.

In no particular order:

  • Cheesecake Factory- the menu is extensive, they have everything, and it’s all amazing. Also, cheesecake.
  • Sushi- Always a winner
  • Cracker Barrel- Don’t hate. My favorite food on earth is biscuits and gravy, and their menu is delightful for any breakfast/brunch/good homestyle cookin lovers.
  • Nakama- Hibachi/Sushi place in Pittsburgh. SO much food. Amazing.
  • Black Tap- NY, giant extravagant milkshakes!
  • Outback Steakhouse- Basic steakhouse with great food, BUT I live for their House salad with their Ranch.

For Doughnuts:

  • Cincinnati- Graeters or Holtman’s
  • Dayton- Duck Donuts
  • Chicago- Do-Rite, Fire Cakes, Stan’s, Bug Fat Cookie (for cookies)
  • New Jersey- Glaze, Broad Street Dough
  • New York- Dough Doughnuts,
  • Pittsburgh- Peace Love and Little Donuts, Just Good Donuts, Sinful Sweets (for cupcakes/cookies)
  • Michigan- Donut Bar
  • Santa Monica- DKs Donuts, Side Car Doughnuts
  • Huntington Beach- The Doughnuttery


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