Traveling even in Peak Week. How to stay on track

If y’all follow me on IG (@Carafit3), then you know my boyfriend and I are long distance for about 5 months out of the year. He is an Independent Professional Baseball player for the Frontier League, and this our second season apart. His team stays in the Midwest, so I decided before he left that when my shows came around, since they were all in the Midwest/eastern area, I would just stay at my parents’ in Ohio for the Summer, to be closer to them, and him in Illinois.

Before Father’s Day, we had not seen each other for over 2.5 months. I got to see him for a solid 15 minutes after his game that Sunday, but that was it. That was also the day after my show in Pittsburgh, where I drove home, changed, ate, and then left for his game. You do what you gotta do, and I’d drive to see him if only for another 5 minutes of his time! Long distance aint easy in the slightest, but the person you love makes it all worth it.

A few days ago on the 25th, we celebrated our One Year Anniversary! So, I had obviously planned to see him for our special day. We actually had been planning for about a month; what we were going to do, where we were going to go, how many days I was staying, and of course…how many meals I needed to bring, and which restaurant I can make fit for our anniversary dinner. Yes, I travel in prep, AND it was peak week no less. You can still enjoy time out and about, and even a mini vacation or two while on prep. You just have to plan ahead, and stay relatively open about the whole thing. Meaning, you can plan your meals, but sometimes things change. I brought meals for Sunday-Tuesday (with a little extra for the drive home on Wednesday), and I made dinner out on Monday (Salmon salad, changed dressing to balsamic vinegar, and side of broccoli), and breakfast out on Tuesday (egg white omelet, plain English muffin, side salad) work just fine. I brought snacks with me when we went out, even brought a butter knife into the movies so I could spread my peanut butter on my rice cakes (see the main photo haha). I also had to alter a few of my meals, because the bread I had brought had gone bad. So I just adjusted my carbs with something else when that happened. No big deal.

I was able to stay on point for every meal, every day, even while being out all day exploring, going to the mall, the gym, the movies, out to dinner, out to breakfast, to his baseball game, and the 5 hour drive back home. I even hit 2 new lows while traveling, but I honestly want to say that also had something to do with finally being able to see Payton after so long, and just being at ease around him. He truly calms me down, and I think I was just less stressed while away with him for those few days. It’s good to have a little mental break from it all sometimes, and my body agreed, and finally dropped the weight I had been pushing for. This is why staying relaxed, and in a good mindset is so important. Your body feeds off your mind.

Here are some of my best tips for staying on track while traveling during prep:

  1. PLAN AHEAD: like I said, planning ahead will be your best bet. If you are in prep, especially peak week or pretty close to your show, planning ahead will save your sanity. This means knowing how many days you will be gone (this includes travel days), and figuring how many meals/snacks you will need to bring for the duration.
  2. To meal prep or not to meal prep: depending on where you are going, and the situation, you may just get where you’re going, and then go grocery shopping for your normal foods, if you have a full kitchen available. Otherwise, meal prepping before travel is how I like to do it.
  3. Input & track everything before hand: I find it way easier to just track ahead (more planning), and input all your food into My Fitness Pal (or whichever app you use to track) for each day you will be gone. Again, don’t forget to plan for your travel days if it’s a long drive or flight. Then once you have it all accounted for, I personally write out a list of those meals (I love lists) and how many I need of each, AND THEN I begin meal prepping so that I know exactly what I’m making, and check things off as I go.
  4. Keep it simple: I’m a creature of habit, so I eat almost the same things every single day, especially during peak week. 1. it’s just easier. 2. I genuinely love the foods I eat. 3. It makes it way easier to make a bunch of food in bulk to pack for your trip!
  5. Invest in an insulated cooler bag: you can find these anywhere. I got a rolly cooler bag with a handle at tjmaxx for $20 and love it. You can pack a ton of food in there, throw some ice packs in there, and you’re all set! Then you can just unpack your food into the fridge when you get there, or have easy access to the bag for meals on the road as well. If it’s a short drive, or just a day trip, you could just use a meal prep bag (I use my 6 pack bag code CARA for 10% off), to pack a couple meals and be good.
  6. Measure everything or bring your scale: I personally measure out each meal and pack it as such. This way its ready to eat whenever you need it. This goes for my ahi + potatoes, my bread, my tbsps. of peanut butter, my snacks, all of it is weighed and put in a tup or baggie for easy access. Some people like to pack their meats in bulk, and then their carbs in bulk, and then just weigh them out when they need them, but that seems too slow. I want to eat immediately. But I also bring my scale as well.
  7. Pro tip for condiments: weigh out your condiment of choice, then put it in a zip lock baggie. Then put that baggie in the Tupperware with the meal its going on. Boom! Fits super easy, all portioned out, and saves space.
  8. Eating out: If you plan to eat out at a restaurant, again, PLAN AHEAD. Almost every restaurant has a menu online somewhere. You can look up different places, scour the menu, find something you like, or alter something to your liking, and then fit it in! Not all establishments are listed in My Fitness Pal, but sometimes you can look up the nutrition facts online, or do what I do, and just dissect the dish you’re getting, and input each item separately. I can normally eye ball portion sizes from doing this for so long, but you can also bring your scale as well. (Don’t worry about people judging you, no one “really” cares, and your goals are more important than a stranger’s opinion). Options that are super easy to order while in prep are salads with some type of protein, grilled chicken/fish, veggies, omelets, lean burgers, etc. Just make sure you order to fit your macros (order plain proteins, steamed veggies, not cooked in butter, etc.)
  9. Relax!: Don’t stress out. If you did everything above, or even missed a step, you should be fine. And like I said, if something comes up like your bread going bad, or you’re out longer than expected and didn’t bring enough meals with you, it will be ok. Do not panic. Keep your cortisol levels low, and just go to the nearest grocery store to pick something up, or simply head back to the hotel or wherever your meals are if you’re really freaking out about it. But I promise it’ll be ok, even though I know how important a bikini girl’s food is days out from a show…

Hope all this was helpful! And I hope y’all can venture out and enjoy yourselves on prep like you should! Have a great weekend, and oh yea… wish me luck. I step on stage tomorrow!


Here’s some pics of how cute my boyfriend is from the last couple days. ok bye.

IMG_4068  IMG_4064  IMG_4043IMG_4031

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