NPC Universe Recap + Reverse Diet Stats

We did it y’all! We made it to NPC Universe, we made it to the land of babes, and killed the Fabulous Female Friday!

The way they ran the show this year was having all women go Friday,  prejudging AND finals, and then all men on Saturday. This made for a much smoother National Show than most 2 day shows where men and women all go Friday for prejudging, and then everyone has finals on Saturday. It was still a very long day, despite only being the women, but it made sense because there were 3 groups of Masters in each separate division, and over 300 Bikini girls. Being in Open class H (the last class in the last division), I did not step on stage until around 6:15pm. Finals was supposed to start at 5 haha.

Nonetheless, the show did run very smoothly, there was just a shit ton of women competitors, and having masters over 50, over 40, over 35, and THEN 8 classes of open for each division did slow it down quite a bit. Finals went wayyyy quicker with every competitor simply being introduced as they walk across stage with a wave, and then bringing the top 5 out for placings.

I ended up in 3rd callouts, placing 16th out of 33 absolutely beautiful woman. Team Tall forever and ever! I am very happy with this show and my placing. This is only my second national show, and at my first (Junior Nationals 2017) I got last call outs. So this is an improvement not only in placement, but my physique was light years better this year. I know I was not lean enough last year, and this year I had come in with my most conditioned and muscular look to date. I am so proud of myself this prep and am just over the moon HAPPY. I can even see how happy I was in my stage shots. My smile is genuine, and this is the most fun I’ve had under those stage lights by far. That’s what this is all about; having the best time of your life, doing what you’re passionate about, and just enjoying every second. I stepped off that stage feeling great about what I brought to the show, and nothing can change that. I am proud.

I worked my ass off this season, this month especially, to get to this show. This was my goal all season. NPC Universe was going to be my final show of my season this year, and I was going to make it happen. I had backed out of this show last year, after having a change of heart at 5 days out, and while I do not regret that decision whatsoever, I wanted 2018 Universe BAD! Doing 4 shows in 5 weeks was never the plan, but I told myself I was making it to that Teaneck stage, and by God, I was not going to give up on myself when I KNEW I could make it happen.

I competed 3x in 3 weeks. Peaking for 3 weeks in a row is no easy feat, and is WILD that I was able to do it and stay sane (for the most part). I honestly just kept rolling with the punches, and each time I missed that NQ by 1 spot, I just kept moving forward. Take it, move on, get better, and go again. And that’s exactly what I did. From Dayton, to Michigan, to Pittsburgh, I pushed myself and worked my ass off to make small changes (as much as I could in 7 days at a time), and it finally came to fruition. I got that NQ in Pittsburgh and then moved into the first week in June where I was not in peak week hahaha. In the 2 weeks I had till Universe, I had dropped 4 lbs and got my conditioning to a great spot, and was able to noticeably tighten my glutes. I was and AM ecstatic at the changes I was able to make, and no one can take that work away from me.


With all that being said, let me give a GIANT HELL YES to my coach, Adam! He has been a blessing this prep, and I’ve never trusted someone so much when it came to nutrition. He was the voice inside my head for the last 28 weeks, and guided me through plateau after plateau, low days, high days, 4 peaks in 5 weeks, and my 3rd year of being an NPC Bikini Bodybuilder. Despite this prep being no where close to easy breezy beautiful, this is by far the best physique I’ve brought to the stage. So, thank you Adam. I can’t wait to get this reverse diet going tomorrow, and to continue on with you as my coach to bring an even better package for the next time I step on stage. But when will that be???

While I am 100% done for this year, I have not decided on when these heels will touch the stage again. All of my feedback has been to just come in tighter and leaner, but that I have good size for bikini. With that being said, the reverse will be my main focus to make sure I am staying in a much better spot than I did last improvement season where I did gain more fat than I would have liked. This year will be the first time I’ve actually reversed out of a show, so I trust that Adam and I can bring an even better physique for 2019. I toyed with taking a full year off, but we shall see how this reverse goes over the next 6-7 months, and then we will move forward from there on if I will prep for the 2019 national show circuit (I’m thinking of starting with Universe as the earliest next year), or take more time to improve.

Right now, my reverse will begin at P160 C180 F40 with a refeed once a week. My cardio will drop to 1 LISS session for 20 minutes, and 5 HIIT sessions at 6 minutes each for the week. I am excited to start this next part of my journey, and want to thank all of you for sticking around and encouraging me with all your good vibes this season. It truly does mean a lot to me, even if I don’t know most of you on a personal level, it is amazing how supportive complete strangers can be (even more so than some of the people I’ve known for years actually). It honestly warms my heart that people took the time out of their day to not only remember that I was competing that day, but to personally reach out to me with heartfelt messages. Social Media is truly amazing in this way. I’ve met MOST of my best friends through this crazy shit, and I could not be more grateful. So thank you. Nothing ever goes unnoticed or unappreciated.

Here’s to the next chapter! *Cheers*

Moving forward >>>


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