What I Ate Post Show & How I’m Handling My Reverse Diet


In my last blog, I told y’all how Adam and I were going to attack this improvement season, and where I was starting my reverse diet.

After my show, I took a few days to throw caution to the wind and enjoy some meals I definitely couldn’t make fit in prep this year.

Those few days included:

Post show: Cheesecake Factory- Bread & butter (hallelujah!), an alfredo/tomato sauce pasta I made up and made them make (which they did, but made me order a side of alfredo and mix it myself…regardless it was delicious), and the loaded baked potato tot appetizer. I also enjoyed a doughnut graveyard from Glaze Artisan Donuts, some nibbles of City Cakes Cookies, and some candy. (bummed I didn’t get any pics but whatever I was hungry).


Morning after: Brownstone Pancake Factory- I ordered their brownstone fries as an appetizer (before pancakes lawl), and oh my gosh they were absolutely amazing and easily had enough fat to fill my macros for that entire next week. They were curly fries with 3 kinds of cheeses, bacon, and some secret sauce on them, with a side of ranch! BOMB! Then I ordered their Cookies N Cream Pancakes, which were also good, but they didn’t blow my mind.

IMG_4252 IMG_4255

On the drive home (10 hours from Teaneck back to Cincinnati): Dairy Queen- Chicken fingers and fries and a toffee truffle cheesecake blizzard. And also some more candy somewhere in there.


Sunday: Ate normal the whole day until ordering pizza and cheesey bread from papa johns (pineapple and sausage is my favorite).

Monday: (July 2) Reverse diet started at 142lbs [about 8 lbs up from stage weight)

My weight went back down to 138 by Wednesday, but that was also Fourth of July, and my chosen refeed day for the week. I ended up going a little overboard on some of the salty things and my body bloated really bad and made me sick for a few hours before it went down. My weight went back up to 141 the next morning.

That day consisted of:

Homemade taco dip and fritos (my favorite dip on earth and the salty thing I was referring to), lots of fruit and dip, mom’s pasta salad (the BEST), some butter sautéed mushrooms and veggies, and like 3 bites of grilled salmon (overcooked it), so basically 4g of protein for the day, go Caraline. Also had some ice cream that night.

Then I went right back to my macros the next day, and have been kind of settling around 140 the last 3 days, which is where I’m feeling comfortable at. This is about 6lbs above my stage weight and although some days I feel uncomfortable, I am trusting in this process, and I am trusting Adam.

Speaking of which, he’s liking how I’m looking and reacting, so we have increased my carbs by 20g as of today, still with a 50/30+ refeed each week. My next one being this coming Thursday for my birthday!!!! Can y’all guess how old I am? 😉

All in all, I am enjoying learning more about my body during my first ever true reverse out of a show, and am already excited for the possibilities that sticking to this will bring me next year. It’s not always easy to increase after a show and see your body change in the opposite way. Despite people thinking prep is hard, believe me when I tell you, post show can definitely be harder for some people. Last year, after getting last call outs at Junior Nationals, my body didn’t even know the word “diet” until I linked up with Adam to start my prep 7-8 months later this past December. I am already in a much better mindset this year post show, and I am going to continue to push myself, both physically and mentally this improvement season.

My fire is lit like a muther fucker y’all. After last year, that is something I never thought I would be able to say going into an off season. My heart is so full, and my passion is flowing. It feels like my very first competition season all over again! Everything is exciting, and I just can’t wait to continue on my life journey, wherever it may take me. Coming off an interesting, yet amazing season, then going into the rest of my summer, I am just so happy. I feel extremely blessed to have the mindset that I have, and am proud of the girl who went through hell and high waters to become as strong as she is. Go Caraline!

Here’s comparisons from a couple days out, to day 1 of my reverse, to yesterday after 1 week reversing. (134.5, 142, 140)IMG_4933IMG_4934IMG_4935



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