Life Update: diet, travel, babe, training, & a new job!

I’m back! Took a little break from the weekly blogs, but I’ve honestly missed writing so much! So, I’m happy to be back and putting this keyboard to work for something other than, well, work.

So what’s been going on in the land of Caraline? Y ‘all probably didn’t ask, but imma tell you anyways. 😉

Y ‘all know I was in Cincinnati with my family this summer so I could be closer to Payton’s team. Welp, we are safely back home in California! We had a great time traveling across country again this year, and we hit a few new spots on the way.

So this is how the couple weeks of travel went in bullet points:

  • Started in Joliet, IL (September 2nd): Payton had his last series and shoved during his last start of the season! His mom had flown in to be there to see him pitch and for his birthday.
  • Went back to Schaumburg, IL (Sept 3rd), where P’s host family is, then got ready to leave for a Brewers vs Cubs game in Milwaukee that night.
  • Then for his birthday (September 4th) we went to downtown Chicago for a night out. It DOWN POURED and we ended up buying ponchos at CVS and walking through rivers to the wrong bar. Nonetheless, it was still really fun!
  • (September 7) After we packed up all his stuff, we headed to my parents’ place in Cincinnati, OH to hang with them for a few days, and to pack MY stuff and get Meeks.
  • (September 10th) My Fall Challenge started, weeeee! And also, P, Meeks, and I started our trek across country. First stop was Kansas City, where we had this sweet loft Airbnb where the bed was “above” the rest of the studio apartment.
  • (Sept 11th) Headed to Colorado Springs to hang out with my friend Stephanie Ferry and her husband, Josh. This was the first time meeting IRL and she opened up her house to us, and we shot the shit about bodybuilding and baseball all night. It was amazing and we love them!
  • (Sept 12th) We make it to Vegas where our Airbnb was fully decked out in full Beauty and the Beast theme! It was awesome. Our night was pretty low key, because I had one drink and felt sick so we went back home…sorry babe.
  • (Sept 13th) Finally made it home to California!!! And for the next few days, we spent all of our time seeing his family, our friends, and catching up with all of our gym buddies at our local gym!

All in all, it was an amazing couple of weeks, and an amazing SUMMER at that! Payton had a great season [possibly his best], I got to spend a ton of time with my family and watch my 1 year old niece grow right in front of my eyes. I’d also throw in there that I had a pretty decent prep this year if I do say so myself.

Alright, fast forward to now; what’s new?

First off, me and Payton are still not unpacked, but I knew this would happen (procrastinating at its finest). Good news is, ever since being home, I’ve been consistently hitting the gym 5 days a week, and haven’t felt this motivated again since the first couple weeks of my reverse. So I am extremely excited to keep this mentality going, and keep killing it each week with my challenge girls (who, by the way, are doing amazing)! I also think my gym fam helps with that a lot! I genuinely look forward to going every day, saying hi and catching up with old friends, and I have to actually make myself take rest days. Which isn’t always a bad thing, but some weeks I don’t take my rest days if I’m feeling good. Just listen to your body.

Buuuuuut I have a feeling I’m going to want those rest days soon because I GOT A NEW JOB! If you follow my twitter, and you should, I’m hilarious (@tweetcaraline), you may have seen that I posted about contacting a bunch of rescues, doggy day cares, and stables in my area. None of the rescues were hiring (only volunteers), and neither were the stables, but one of the doggy day cares wanted me to send my resume. I did, and within the day, they told me they wanted me to come in for a group interview that was in 2 days (which made me extremely happy I had contacted them when I did, because otherwise I could have missed out on this opportunity). So anyways, I show up to the interview with the 6 other candidates. It’s a 3 hour process of group questioning, hanging with the dogs, learning about body language and behavior (all very very interesting), and then individual interviews. I knew right away that this was a place I  could see myself working, and low and behold, I got a call yesterday saying I GOT THE JOB! My training starts Friday, and I could not be happier to finally get into the animal field. Y ‘all, I’m going to be getting paid to take care of, and play with dogs all day. Like, what?! Yessss!! I’m extremely excited about this new adventure AAAAAND this means that P and I may be able to get a dog sooner than later since I’ll be able to take him/her to work with me during the day, so he/she would rarely be at home by themselves (if ever). But all in good time, because I still want to be in a bigger place before we bring another furbaby into the family. 😉 So if you’re in the Huntington Beach area, and need a day care or boarding facility for your pupper, hit me up!

As far as my training, like I said, I’ve got a good streak of motivation going, and I’m loving my workouts. I’ve got my programming set for the next 5 weeks (until the end of my 8 week challenge), and my plan is to start a 6 week mini cut starting in October until I leave for Hawaii, November 13th. I’ll then reverse back out until further notice, as I have no idea when I will begin my prep for 2019. I’ve been hovering around 153-156 since I’ve been home, but was staying around 150 before our trip across country. Being in a car virtually all day long, no exercise, not enough water, and fast food along the way was not my best plan. My fault regardless, but I’m still holding on to that extra few pounds. I’m hitting around 1800-2200 calories right now and have stepped away from tracking every single day, but rather, every few days, and then the rest of the time I am intuitively eating. The reason for my mini cut is because I would like to 1. lean out just a little bit for vacation. And 2. Because ideally I want to START my prep next year around 150 rather than 160 like this past season. I think once I get back to my regular schedule and hit my calories more consistently, my weight will level back out at 150, then when I start my cut, I believe I’ll lose 3-5lbs and then be in a better spot to reverse out and track consistently again for a few more months, aiming to stay closer to 150.

Current Physique:

5’11” – 154lbs – 1800-2200 cal – 20 min LISS 4x a week – 12.5 weeks post show – up ~20lbs

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