Update on my Previous Life Update…

And again, welcome back to my blog!  I know I said I was going to get back to my weekly blogs, but here we are 2 months late; moving on. 😉

In my last Life Update blog, I talked about Payton and I’s trip back to California, my new job, my Fall Challenge girls, my motivation in the gym, and did a little physique update for you as well. A few things have happened during that time, so buckle up.

Welp, that new job is canceled. Yup, story of my life. [I swear I am an outstanding employee, it’s not my fault that the jobs I’m choosing aren’t aligning correctly]. So, long story short: I was hired 2 weeks after the place went under new ownership. I absolutely loved working there! The dogs were great (most of them), my fellow employees were awesome, and I was making decent money with the amount of hours I was working. But, I quickly realized, as did the rest of my coworkers, that this new owner was (for lack of a better term) a power hungry idiot. She had no idea how to run a business, refused to take training from the managers (who have been there for 14 years) to learn how to work with the dogs, she had no idea what any of our jobs even consisted of, and she constantly made decisions that put the dogs in harm’s way. She did not let you ask questions without turning it into an argument, and she tried cutting hours left and right, leaving us understaffed most days. She also went back on a previously approved request off form of mine (for Hawaii), and denied it…I had gotten it approved almost 2 months before my vacation, and she decided I couldn’t go, so I decided that was the last straw. I put in my two weeks the next day, and since leaving, 4 other employees have left, and the other 3 that were there when I started (including the manager who was the first employee when the place opened) recently got fired because she basically decided to start fresh and told them all that they were “creating a hostile work environment.” ARE YOU KIDDING?! She is an idiot. To anyone in the Huntington Beach area, DO NOT bring your dogs to Doggietown USA! Because now with all of us gone, not only are they understaffed, but all of the current employees are not trained properly, nor will any incoming employees be trained at all Your dogs will not be in knowledgeable hands. There has already been multiple instances where dogs were not given their medications, fed the wrong food, not properly monitored so fights broke out causing a major injury, not to mention that the place is not being properly sanitized at night since she’s cut that shift all together.

sunny This is Sully. He also had a huge gash on his throat as well. This happened on the owner’s watch because not only is she not trained do to refusal to do so, but also because she wasn’t even paying attention enough to know which dog even attacked poor Sully here.

Anyways!!!! Don’t go there. I’m glad I left when I did. Fuck that place and the new owner. I wish I could tell everyone there to stop bringing their dogs there; I genuinely fear for those dogs and just feel awful leaving them. Feel free to leave a bad yelp review. The owner’s name is Zulema. Thank you, next.

Anyways. After my final two weeks were up, and all that nonsense was put behind me, Payton and I took our trip to Hawaii and had an absolute blast! This was my first time going, and it was amazing. It was just what we both needed. A week of getting away from literally everything and everyone, and just enjoying each other’s company in a beautiful place. We drove around the entire island (Oahu), went to a luau, ate some amazing food, had some amazing drinks, snorkeled at Hanauma Bay, went hiking, worked out a couple times, and got semi tan on more than a few beautiful beaches. I say semi tan, because it rained 1/2 of the trip, but the last day was perfect weather. All we did was lay on the beach all day, relax, and then dressed up and went to cheesecake factory for our last dinner and drinks. Overall, the trip was amazing.

Funny story: the first day we got to Hawaii, Payton and I were relaxing in our Airbnb, talking about what would be the number one kind of dog we would want (hypothetically of course). We listed our top 3’s, and then P googled our top picks. An ad came up really close to us (in California), and we realized it was our friends’ neighbors. Their dog had a litter of puppies, and they were just looking for good homes for them. They were Rottweiler/Doberman puppies (our two top picks), and as soon as Payton showed me the picture, it was over. I immediately became attached to one of the puppies (there were 3 girls), and texted the number to tell them we were interested.

We obsessed over one specific puppy (for whatever reason I do not know) all week, and then the day after we got back from Hawaii, we went to go see her, PRAYING they still had her. And low and behold, there she was.

We interacted with the 3 pups, and it was clear who our girl was; the initial puppy we had chosen in our minds was all over us, while the other puppies were either escaping from the fence, or showing little interest. We thought about it for a little bit, but took her home that night. We honestly did not have any kind of leash, collar, food, or anything ready at the house. We did not plan on getting a puppy, let alone the day after getting back from vacation. But we stopped at Walmart on the way home and got her everything she needed, and used our roommate’s crate from when his dog was a puppy. I’m always an advocate for planning ahead and making sure you are READY for a commitment like this, but we just KNEW that this was our Hula girl, and while we were not prepared, we were ready. And yes, we named her Hula. It seemed fitting, since we had found her while being in Hawaii.

We’ve had her for about a week and a half now, and although she can be a little shithead, sHe’S a GoOd GiRl! I have no doubt in my mind she was meant to be with us. Meeks hated her at first, but just like he had to learn to tolerate Thor, he’ll be ignoring Hula too soon enough. Potty training, crate training, and teething has been a trip, but we’re getting there. It’s been about 7 years since I’ve had a dog in my life, and I’m so happy we waited for this little girl.

Now that puppy overload is over, here’s what’s going on with my training. My mini cut in October did not go well. I was super motivated going into it, but for whatever reason, I just started losing it, as well as just not feeling like myself. With everything that was going on at work, and my workouts not being the greatest, my mind just wasn’t in it. BUT, once I put in my two weeks, my stress and sleep improved immensely, and I started to lose weight. I has also decided to stop tracking, and just be more mindful of what I’m eating instead. I am still checking in with my coach every week and we have set up a plan for prep (tell you in a sec). I’ve been able to maintain my weight at around 154 for this last month or two, and I am very happy with that. My mini cut wasn’t so much a cut, as it was a 2 week decrease, and then back into a reverse. But nonetheless, I’m happy with what I’m working with even if my workouts have been few and far between since getting puppy. Since I am not working right now (other than my online personal training, ayyyy help a sista out and check out my Train With Me tab!), I am staying home with her during the day, while Payton goes to work, and then we take turns watching her while the other goes to the gym. It’s not ideal, but once she’s fully crate trained, it’ll be better. And once she’s a little bigger, we’ll be taking her to Payton’s dad’s house to keep her in his big backyard when we can’t be home with her. So it’ll all workout. 🙂

Now, as far as prep…IT IS UPON US! Yup, I am officially in prep for my 2019 season as of today. We are starting this prep a little earlier this year so that I can lose body fat slowly and consistently into my first show in June. I always opt for longer preps for that reason; slow and steady.

Here are my starting photos from this morning vs. my starting photos from last year.

December 15, 2017 vs. December 1, 2018

160lbs vs. 153.4lbs



This past improvement season went way better than last year’s. Even though I still didn’t stick to my reverse diet for the entirety, I was able to get a better grip on my intuitive eating, while staying in a relatively good place for 2019. I was able to keep my legs and back leaner, as well as my core. You can tell in the last two pictures that my hips and outer thighs were much slimmer this time around. I am extremely happy with this because those are my main trouble areas where I store fat. I’m looking forward to another season with Adam as my coach, and I can’t wait to see what we bring to that stage in June.

Fun Fact: it took me until February to get to this weight last year. Okee byeeee



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