Prep update: What Are My Macros?

Wow, I’ve been in prep for over a month and I haven’t even told y’ all shit! How rude of me!

So here’s a little overview of what Adam and I have done this last month:

Start date was December 1st, and I started at 153lbs. We started with only training 4x a week with a 3 minute HIIT session after every workout.

My starting macros were: P150 C220 F60

We stayed with these numbers and training 4x a week up until Christmas, trying to keep numbers high and get me back into the swing of tracking as well. After Christmas, we bumped down to P150 C200 F40 and training to 5-6x a week to actually start cutting. 5 minute HIIT post workout.

Last week we bumped carbs down to 170 and took away all HIIT, but added 3 LISS sessions at 20 minutes each (I prefer LISS over HIIT always). After a week break from HIIT, we added it back in 3x for 7 minutes this week, and also decided to lower protein to 130 instead of 150, as well as added in 2 back to back refeeds each week (1 is a small jump of 25 carbs, and then the next day is a 50g bump).

All of this might sound like it’s in another language but let me explain a little bit. First off DISCLAIMER these numbers are for me and ONLY me! Please do not follow my protocol for any reason, as it will not work for you or your body. Thank you. Next.

Every single prep, my body takes its sweet ass time to begin losing weight, this is why I start prep so far out and opt for a longer, slower prep. As it stands I have only been fluctuating about 1-2lbs from my starting weight for the last 2 months. Is it frustrating? Hell yea! Do I get discouraged? Sometimes! Do I quit? Hell no! I know that my break though is coming, and I trust that Adam and I will get my body where it needs to be come June. I am not worried in the slightest, but frustrated, yes.

We all want results quicker than they come. Trust me, I get it. But I know -and everyone should know this by now- there are no quick fixes, ESPECIALLY when it comes to healthy weight loss.

Now, the reason for the protein and fat drops.

  1. My body likes carbs more than it does fats. So my carbs can stay higher longer, but my fats normally drop more quickly, and my body seems to like this approach rather than going low carb when cutting anyways.
  2. I have always struggled with hitting my protein, especially when its in the 140-150 range. I actually prefer to get my protein from whole food sources rather than protein powder, but when it’s higher, I do end up chugging a shake or utilizing it in some way to hit my mark. (I use Pescience Select protein – Code CARA). My protein is very easily hit when in the 125-135 range, so I’m happiest here.
  3. Also a 3rd little tidbit: I hate HIIT, but it is great to utilize for obvious reasons of high intensity and shorter periods of time, but I would honestly rather do an hour of LISS than 15 minutes of HIIT. That is all.

Like I said before, my weight hasn’t really been changing a whole lot, but I know a break through is going to arise soon. I am around 152 now, and my goal is to be 145 by the Arnold (March 1st). So that’s 7lbs in 5 weeks. Very doable, but I will need to be on point and making sure my intensity in the gym, and accuracy in the kitchen is where it needs to be. That’s the update for now, but if anything changes, y’ all will be the first to know. Don’t forget to message me on Instagram (carafit3) or email me ( if you have any topics you’d like me to talk about, general questions, or are interested in working with me on your training and nutrition!



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