Prep Update 8 Weeks Out!

Hi Y’all! Sorry I haven’t done a lot of prep updates on here. The majority of my updates have been short, and on my Instagram, and then all of my other fun topics normally go on here. But I’ve done a few polls asking what y’all wanna see on here, and PREP UPDATES it is!

Ok, so. I am officially at the 8 week out mark! HOLY SHIT! That’s wild. I am FINALLY starting to lose weight and trend down on a consistent basis. Thank the lawwwd.

To recap: I have been in prep since December 1st. This means I have been in prep for 18 weeks, with 8 more to go (till my FIRST show of the season). I started at 153lbs (I’m 5’11”), and I currently weigh around 144. In hindsight, losing 9-10lbs in 18 weeks is nothing impressive, and I know this. BUT, what I do know is that regardless of how long it does or doesn’t take, losing weight is not easy. Contrary to popular belief, it does NOT get easier the longer you do this. If anything, it just gets harder. Your body adapts and changes based on the stress it’s put under, and lots of times you have to work harder each year to achieve the same and especially better results.

For the last month, I have been consistently losing around 1lb a week. I actually hit a NEW LOW of 143.0


this morning! Everything started to come together while I was in Ohio for the Arnold when I was, funny enough, on a diet break. Post diet break, we took another cut, and since then, things have really been moving in the right direction. I also want to add that about 2 months ago, I decided to go off of birth control. I have been on birth control for about 11 years because I’ve always had extremely heavy periods (TMI I don’t care), and when I practically lived in spandex as a volleyball player, it just was not a good situation. Now that I am no longer a volleyball player, while i still live in spandex, it was just time for a break from the damage it was doing to my hormones. I am also taking Balance from Alani nutrition to aid in this, as well as for my skin. I got off birth control not only for my hormones, but to maybe jump start this whole body fat loss thing as well. If you’ve done any research on Birth Control, you’ve seen that it normally has an impact on weight loss, and can even cause weight gain in a lot of cases. It can defintiely hinder progress, and I was just over it. Plus maybe I want a baby, ok! Just kidding, Payton! We got a few years. 😉

Anyways, right now we are utilizing back to back refeeds each week of an additional 30 carbs on the first day, and then an additional 50 on the second. I am currently doing 7 Cardio sessions a week. 4 LISS for 45 minutes each (I always do high incline on the treadmill for LISS, but occasionally I will throw in maybe 15 minutes of the 45 on the stairs), and then 3 HIIT at 12 minutes each, which coach just bumped to 15 minutes each. Increasing my HIIT was the only change we made this week, as I’ve been trending down relatively well for the last 2 weeks. For HIIT, I normally choose high intensity exercises to go through, circuit style.

Normally during LISS I either listen to music while scrolling through my phone, answer emails, or I’ll answer questions on my Instagram stories as well. I used to watch Netflix a lot during my cardio, but it wont let me anymore because my phone is so old and won’t let me update to the newest version of Netflix to use it anymore. I also never update my phone because it scares me because I always lose stuff, so that’s another reason why, but oh well (I NEED to do this…or just get a new phone).

I also do have a new job, AYYYYY EMPLOYMENT! I am working with animals again as an animal caretaker at a doggie daycare/resort. This has been extremely beneficial in many ways so far.

  1. Ayyy consistent money!
  2. I’m doing what I love by working with dogs all day long
  3. I will be able to bring Hula to work with me once my first 30 days has passed, so that’s HUGE
  4. This increases my NEAT (non exercise activity thermogenesis) A LOT since I am on my feet for an extra 6-8 hours a day (4-5x a week).

NEAT = the energy expended for everything we do that is not sleeping, eating, or sport-like activity. Examples: walking to class, typing, fidgeting, doing yard work, etc.

Right now, just during my workouts, followed by cardio, I am burning anywhere around 500-700 calories a day (according to my watch). These are just my “relative” active calories burned, and does not include all others from any kind of NEAT throughout the day.

If I continue on this pace into my show, I believe I’ll be around 135ish. Which is a decent start. I aim to get to around 130 for my national shows coming up. All of this will of course be determined by what my physique looks like come show day, and what my feedback is.

Below are my comparisons from Day 1 to now. 10lbs separate these photos. 153-143.

Let me know if you have anything specific you’d like me to talk about on here! I’m always taking requests!



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