We got a little less than a month to go! 4 weeks out from the Muscle Contest at the Anaheim FitExpo! And 6 weeks out from Jr. Nationals! Funny, because two years ago in 2017, I competed in my first Muscle Contest, followed by my first national show. That was Jr. Nationals as well, and I got last call outs. SO lets hope for a better outcome for 2019, eh? 😉

I’ve made some great improvements this year, and I can’t wait to see what this physique looks like under those stage lights! I’ve put a few pictures next to each other comparing last year’s prep, and now.

These are both from April 27th, both are from 5 weeks out (last year’s first show was June 1st, this year’s is June 2nd).

Left: 2018 142.5 vs. Right: 2019 139.0


I’d say we definitely had a great improvement season, and my body recomped very well. I honestly had no idea of the changes I had made until I saw timehop and these pictures on the left. I honestly thought I was just in the same spot, just lighter. I hadn’t realized how different my body looks now. I was pleasantly surprised to say the least.

Now, these comparisons are from day 1 of prep, 1 month ago at 8 weeks out, and now.

Left: 12/1/18 153. Middle: 4/7/19 143.6. Right: 5/5/19 138.8


I love seeing progress pictures side by side like this. This is why I take pictures every week during prep. I have for the last 3 years, but I’m bummed I have like almost no progress pictures from my first year of competing because my coach rarely asked for them (weird looking back, but ok). Those would be fun to look back on to see how far I’ve come since 2016. But I mean, it’s still pretty cool to see how far I’ve come in just the last 4 weeks too!

Macros are pretty low right now, and cardio has been upped to 4 x 60 minute LISS, and 3 x 15 minute HIIT for the last 2 weeks. Still implementing the back to back refeeds each week, thank God. I also changed my split and am now following this:

Legs – Push – Pull – Legs – Upper/Core – Glutes

I’ve really been enjoying it! As well as really paying attention to my rest periods in between sets and each exercise as well. I’ve been keeping almost all rest periods to about 45 seconds or less. And if it’s a heavy compound movement, just 60-90 seconds in between. Some supersets I choose 0 rest, and have a continuous effort throughout my entire set range.

Also, I’ve added in a few supplements (I realize I haven’t posted on here for the last month), so I actually started them a few weeks ago.

I’ve added in Alani Nutrition’s Fat Burner, Core Nutritionals Hard Extreme, and Pescience’s Lipovate, all taken once a day. The fat burner and Hard Extreme I take first thing in the morning, along with Balance (Alani Nu), but you can take Hard Extreme up to 3x a day if you want. Lipovate is meant to take with a meal that includes a decent amount of carbs (otherwise it can mess with your blood pressure), and can also be taken up to 3x a day. But to be honest, since my carbs are so low, most of my meals do not have enough carbs involved to take Lipovate more than once a day. I plan on taking these up until Jr. Nationals for an 8 week cycle, then going off for 3-4 weeks.

If you have any questions about these supplements, or my prep, feel free to ask!

IG: @Carafit3

Twitter: @TweetCaraline


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