3 Weeks Out: Are My Macros Extreme?

Yeeeee! Ok fam, we are officially in the teens! 19 days out from Anaheim, and I am feeling gooood!

Last week I took a macro cut, and I went back and forth on disclosing my macros, but alas! In the name of science and reality, I have decided that I think it will be good for people to see how extreme it can, and most likely, WILL get towards the end of prep.

My macros dropped back in mid April.

My Protein has remained constant at 130, as well as my fats at 30. But my carbs dropped to 90 grams, but while having 2 back to back refeeds of an additional 30g carbs, and then an additional 50g for the second, this was totally manageable.

I was on these numbers for 2 weeks, and then we decided that I was ready to really push into this show, and dropped carbs to 70g last Tuesday. We stayed low carb all week, and then put my back to back refeeds on Saturday and Sunday at 120g carbs. We also made sure that one of those refeeds was a full rest day, to see how my body would respond to less stimuli and higher carbs. I responded very well to this drop, and wasn’t even struggling that hard with hunger at these lower numbers.

I started last week at 139 lbs. Then trended down consistently, and hit a new low following my second refeed at 136.2! The Pictures below are 7 days apart. Didn’t change anything else; cardio and training stayed the same, and even my foods stayed the same. Whenever I get refeeds, I simply just add in more of my favorite carb sources that I’ve already been eating consistently. (Sourdough bread, rice cakes, potatoes, veggies). Sometimes I’ll add inΒ a handful of sour candy pre workout, but mainly I just excited for all the potatoes!


Since I have disclosed my macros, I feel I must also put this disclaimer for anyone who may think that they will have similar results using my numbers. This seems obvious to most people, but I’m going to say it anyways.


Macros are 100% individual, and between a coach and a client based on their own specific height, age, weight, activity level, lifestyle, body type, mental state, goals, and metabolism. All of these things – and more – come into play when deeming which macros will work best for each individual person. It’s also a lot of trial and error as well.

Going back to what I began this blog saying, prep is an extreme. This is no secret, and not news. You’ll see some competitors talk about how they never drop below 1200 calories, how their cardio is minimal, and how you should fire your coach if they drop you below a certain caloric intake. Bla bla bla! These people are either outliers who have great metabolisms, people who are running PEDs, or they’re just plain old liars. MOST competitors DO have to drop pretty low to get to the level of conditioning required to be competitive on stage. This is only for a brief period of time, and normally followed by either refeeds, or reverse dieting into or out of the show. So please don’t fire your coach because you had to go below 1200, because you might have to! And if you don’t want to go that low, then don’t compete! Know what you’re signing up for when you start a prep, and realize that the reality of any extreme sport is that IT WILL GET EXTREME TO LOOK EXTREME. It’s not forever, and clearly not sustainable, but neither is the stage look. Hence the reverse diet into improvement season, and periodically during prep itself. Just stay smart, stay open minded, stay REAL with yourself on what you might have to do to see the results you’re wanting on stage, and keep your mental and physical health in mind. Not everyone can handle going beyond a certain point, and there’s no shame in that; just keep your health in check and be smart about it with a coach you trust.

So hate if you want, but I’m still feeling great. I’m looking the best I ever had, and bringing the best conditioning to the stage thus far. If anyone who’s been reading my blog over the last 2 years knows anything about me, it’s that I’m not going to sugar coat things, and I’ll always keep it as real as possible.

Also, if it’s not apparent by now, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE WHAT I DO FOR THIS SPORT. I genuinely love prepping for a show, I love hitting my daily/weekly goals in regards to my training and nutrition, and I love challenging myself! Prep is not for the faint of heart, or for the weak minded, or thin skinned. Strong passions, mindsets, and thick skins will get you far in this sport, and I like to think that I check all of those boxes (and the extra curricular “kind of crazy” box as well). If you’re going to make this sport, your sport, you need to love the entire process, not just the 12 seconds you get on stage. Please refer back to my blog on if competing is right for you if you’re contemplating it.

Let me know if you have any questions or topics that you would like me to talk about!


— C —


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