PEAK WEEK! What is it?

I am OFFICIALLY in peak week and now 6 days out! I honestly felt like this kind of snuck up on me because this prep has felt so S L O W up until that 1 month out mark, and then it just flew by! I am over the moon with the progress I’ve made this year, and even more so, just in the last 4 weeks! Everything finally started clicking, my weight started dropping consistently, my workouts were great, my macros were all on point, and we did the damn thing! Hats off to my coach, Adam! He’s been doing my nutrition for 2 years now, and has never led me in the wrong direction. He’s been a god send this prep and I believe we’ve brought the absolute best physique I’ve ever had to this 2019 season!

SO, what is peak week anyways?

In short, peak week is simply the 1 week out mark of your show.

During this week, normally your cardio decreases into the show, while your carbs increase into the show. Now, this is not the case for everyone, as all coaches have different strategies, and all athletes have different protocols based on what their body reacts best to.

In my case, we definitely take this route, and I am soooo excited! I love peak week! It’s honestly just relaxing and a whole week of building excitement into your show!

Our plan of attack is this:

My cardio has dropped from 4x 60 minute LISS + 3x 15 minute HIIT, to no HIIT at all, and only 30 minutes LISS Sunday-Tuesday, and then down to 20 minutes for Wednesday and Thursday, with Friday being a total rest day the day before the show.

I’m still keeping the same workout intensity this week, but my last leg day was yesterday so that my legs are not sore or inflamed at all by the weekend. And then Thursday will be a light lift just to get a good pump, and then like I mentioned, Friday is a full rest day.

As for my nutrition, I wont give out my specific protocol, because that’s between me and my coach, but we ARE increasing carbs as we get closer and closer to show. So, I had mentioned in my last update, we upped carbs to 100g for 3 days last week, and then increased a tad for 2 days, then we will increase again for 2 days, then up a touch more for Friday. Nothing wild, no crazy high numbers or anything. Some people can do that, or even just go out for IHOP or a burger and fries the day before, but I personally do well with slow increases.

As for my meals, they are literally the same meals, made up of the same foods that I’ve been eating all prep. And as my carbs and fats increase, I just up my portion sizes. Peak week is not the time to add in a ton of fun, new foods just because you have the room for them now. If you’ve been eating the same thing for awhile, you don’t want to shock your body by adding in cinnamon rolls or pasta or bagels and cream cheese (I don’t know, just examples). Your body could have a mini freak out, and bloat or cause you to look spilled over on stage instead of tight and full. Just stick with the foods that you know your body digests well, and save the new foods for post show. Same goes for supplements and water. I personally do not cut out any supps or cut water going into a show or even on show day itself. The only thing my coach wanted me to cut out was anything that may contain Yohimbe, as it can cause cortisol spikes. Yohimbe is found in a lot of preworkouts, but since the brand I take doesn’t include it, I didn’t have to cut anything out (shoutout to Alani Nu for clean ingredients).

Also, I am checking in with Adam 3x a day. Once in the morning first thing, then once mid day after a few meals and water, and then once at night after all my food and water is in. We do it like this so that we can altar my intake for the next day if need be (up or down), and so that we can see what my body looks like at certain times of the day after certain meals. I am also sending a daily food log of what I’m eating, what time, and how much water I’ve had at that point. This is all so that Adam can use this information and how I’m looking at certain points, so that he can peak me perfectly on show day.

Some other fun things and tips for peak week:

Wax or shave?

Ok, ladies. You’re going to have to be as bare as a baby with the amount of skin that is showing, and so that the tan can go on clean skin. If you plan on getting a bikini wax, get it 6-7 days before at the latest. Your pores need to be closed before you get your tan, otherwise the tan could clog your open pores and make you look spotty around your bikini line. You also want to make sure all the wax residue is all washed off before hand as well. If you plan to shave that area, I’d say 1-2 days before is good. Same goes for legs and anything else you want to shave (arms, stomach, etc). Just depends on how hairy you are. The tan can stick to the ends of your hair follicles causing it to bead up, so try to be as hairless as possible.

Also during the week, I normally get my nails done. In the past I’ve always just painted my own nails, but I’ve found that spending the $50 to get your toes and nails done with gel lasts a lot longer. And considering I have Junior Nationals soon after this show, my nails (and wax) will still be good to go for that show as well.

As far as tan prep throughout the week, I suggest exfoliating really well starting 2 weeks out from your show. I use Get Buffed by Pro Tan, and it works really well. Also, be aware that before you get your tan, you should have no lotion, deodorant, perfume, or anything like that on, as it will react poorly with the tan and turn you green. Same goes obviously for after you get your tan. You cannot put deodorant or anything on once your tan is on. So soak it up because everyone will smell just delightful backstage. But trust me, no one cares. That’s the least of everyone’s worries.

The MAIN thing you want to focus on in peak week however, is keeping stress low. Nothing too dramatic, don’t let your cortisol levels get too high, get a lot of sleep, and just relax. All of the work is done (basically), and you need to just get in and out of the gym, get your work done, get your meals in, and just enjoy just another week of prep.

Everything you do this week helps aid in what you will look like come show day. Stick to your protocol, and get excited! I know I’m sooooo pumped for Saturday, and I can’t wait to see it all come together under those stage lights!

Any questions about peak week stuff, or bodybuilding topics in general, you know where to ask!



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