PEAK WEEK AGAIN?! + How to Do Your Own Competition Tan

Yeeyeee! It’s PEAK WEEK! I am one week out from Junior Nationals, and I am feeling amazing! I got my stage shots last night from The Muscle Contest Challenge, and I immediately sent them off to Sandy (a very prestigious head national judge) looking for some feedback before this coming weekend. Obviously, 7 days is not enough time to altar my physique in any major way depending on what my critiques would be, but minor things like suit, or hair, or whatever could definitely be changed if need be. I also wasn’t expecting a response so quick, but she emailed me back the next morning! Y’all her email almost brought me to tears. She basically told me that she loved my overall look (hair, suit, makeup), and that I had great lines, shape, and conditioning, and to not get any leaner for Junior Nationals. Like, what?! I have NEVER gotten feedback that, 1. Told me to stay the same, and 2. Didn’t involve telling me that my lower body conditioning needed to be improved. LETS FUCKING GOOOOOOO SANDY! YEE!


With that being said, Adam and I are pushing hard for a couple days, then tapering back and coasting into the show. After Muscle Contest, I had some appetizers and cheesecake post show, and was only 3lbs up from stage weight the next morning. The plan was to jump right back into my macros, so I stayed pretty close to my numbers, but I actually enjoyed some sushi with Payton (a lot of no rice options), some oreos, and a salad from Mod Pizza that day, which to my dismay, ended up not going over well with my stomach. I felt fine and normal all day long, but about 45 minutes after eating that salad, it hit me. I was sick all night, my stomach was in knots, super bloated, and it was not fun. Something in the salad, maybe the dressing, or the roasted garlic, I don’t know, had given me food poisoning, and I woke up a whopping 10lbs above stage weight and bloated the next morning.

I didn’t mention this when it happened because I didn’t want ANYTHING to be an excuse of any kind going into Junior Nationals. I knew I could get my body to come back down, and we did just that. By getting back to my regular routine, drinking extra water, getting extra sleep, and keeping food bland for the first day afterwards, slowly, day by day, the weight came back off, and I hit my stage weight this morning looking tighter than ever! Y’all know I am not a stressed individual. I am the chillest there ever was, but even I was a tad worried at first. But I just chugged right along in silence, and boom! It’s like it never happened! Nothing will slow me down, and I can’t wait to hit that stage again!

As for my protocol this go around, we’re going a little different in terms of carbs and cardio. Going a little harder to start, like I said, and then jumping up right away instead of increasing throughout the week.

So for today and tomorrow, 80 minutes of cardio and my lower macros of P130 C70 F25. Then jumping up to 150g carbs for 2 days, keeping fats low at 25g, and cardio lessened to only 30 minutes. Then down a touch to 120g carbs, and fats up to 35g. Then right back up again, keeping fats higher, and then dropping down to 20 minutes cardio. Thursday will be a full rest day, and a travel day, as I’ll be flying into Chicago.

As always, I’ll be checking in multiple times a day, and any of these things could change based on how I’m trending daily.

Current Check In photos from today: 133.4lbs – 5’11”

ALSO AS ALWAYS: don’t use my protocol it wont be the same ok bye.



I used the Pro Tan Official DIY Tanning Kit. It comes with:

GET BUFFED (an exfoliator), BIKINI BITE (suit glue), SHOW SHINE (glazing spray), OVERNIGHT COMPETITION COLOR BASE COAT, INSTANT BIKINI BRONZE TOP COAT, 2 mits, and a free back applicator! All for $103.76, but you can use my girl Lauren’s code LDAN20 for 20% off!

Everything is super simple!

Step 1: Make sure to use the GET BUFFED for a couple weeks before your show to exfoliate and get your skin prepped for your tan.

Step 2: Two days before your show should be your first coat of tan. So if your show is Saturday, start on Thursday.

Start with pouring some of the Overnight Base Coat into a dish or Tupperware. (Make sure you have rubber gloves on by the way.) Dip your mit into the color, and squeeze a little of the excess off. Start at your ankles (save feet and hands till last), and apply in nice even strokes. It’s basically impossible to mess up because it absorbs evenly into your skin, so don’t fret about getting it perfect. Dip the mit into the tan, and repeat until your whole body is tan. Once you’re done and there’s only a little bit of tan on your mit, this is the time to go over your feet and hands. You don’t want them too dark. Let your tan dry (it dries really quickly, way quicker than a spray), and then put on long pants and a t shirt to sleep in.

Step 3: Friday morning, rinse off with luke warm water, then apply your 2nd coat of base coat, same way you did your first coat. And yes, I said rinse off. This makes your tan more even once you start to get darker.

Step 4: Friday night, apply your 3rd coat. Same same.

Step 5: Morning of your show, using the top coat foam directly onto the mit, apply the same way as the base coat. This will help you get that bronze color. You can apply this a few times on show day if you don’t think you’re dark enough. My skin soaks up a lot of the color and I did 2-3 top coats.

Step 6: Using the SHOW SHINE: have someone help you spray this all over your body about 30 minutes before you go on stage. Spray 1.5 feet away from the body.

BIKINI BITE: If your suit isn’t staying in place, your top isn’t laying flat on your chest, or if your ass keeps eating your suit bottoms, bikini bite is super helpful for keeping that all in place. Again, have someone help you, if it’s your bottoms, and apply directly onto the inside of your suit. Press it down against your skin for a few seconds until it holds.


Oh my gosh, I didn’t even mention that I WON MY FREAKING CLASS AT MUSCLE CONTEST! Haha! I got first in Open and 2nd in Novice, and it was so great to have Payton and my mom and so many of my friends there to see it all happen! Here’s some photos from the weekend!


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